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ESTAMOS is a non-profit community organization founded in 1996, in Lichinga, the capital of the northern province of Niassa.

Our head office is located in Lichinga. We also have offices in Maputo, Mandimba and Metangula.

The organization aims to improve the health conditions of urban and rural communities, through integrated programs of water and sanitation, prevention and mitigation of HIV and AIDS, nutrition, education and advocacy. ESTAMOS has a wealth of experience and a strong organizational culture, which is a result of its unique development process.

Our VISION:  We would like that Mozambican population enjoy their full citizenship rights, healthy life and be free of HIV, diarrhoeal diseases and hope they can make a better use of natural resources.

Our MISSION: Is to empower communities, particularly women. We want them to take part in the decision making processes and also aim at the continuous improvement of their living conditions.

Our shared VALUES are:

Integrity, honesty and transparency
Solidarity and cooperation
Integrity and leadership
Learning and reflection
Mutual respect
Persistence and innovation

Governance and Social Audit
Our main objective in this area is to improve governance and social auditing for a greater responsibility and accountability of local communities. We are seeking to build the  notion of citizenship and create a common platform to analyse the performance of institutions (government, NGOs, private sector, etc).

Water and Sanitation
Our main objective in this area is to guarantee people´s permanent access to water and sanitation, particularly women and children, by improving the quality of infrastructures. On the other hand, we seek to improve the sense of community ownership of their water sources.

In this area we aim to improve the access to ART (Antiretroviral therapy) and home based care for people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA); disseminate specific messages to reduce the risk of HIV infection within specific groups of people (age, marital status, income and profession) in vulnerable areas; improve actions to mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS on women and OVC (orphans and vulnerable children) through the provision of quality services and support.

Natural Resources
In this area, ESTAMOS works to ensure that local people have the right to use land by sharing communal lands;  foster women’s participation in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of community agendas, through capacity building of CBOs (community based organizations), CGRNs, and other organizations; develop partnership between local communities and investors and improve the management of land conflicts.


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